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Make a dream come true: finally solve the rubik's cube ! it's possible

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For more than 45 years, generations have been playing, having fun, sometimes getting angry with this 6 color-cube.

Over time it has become a cult object, design, it even appears in many movies. The ever-increasing ingenuity has made it more robust, more beautiful, more manageable, more addictive!

But here we haven't all found a way to solve it, let alone a speed-cuber capable of solving Rubik's in less than 5 seconds.

So if you are in this case, here is finally the way to solve this frustration and win a victory against the cube!

GoCube will help you do this and what could be better than a video (a little long) that will show you exactly what the GoCube experience is all about:

you will discover how the GoCube associated with its smartphone or tablet application will guide you step by step to learn the method to solve the Cube that you previously thought impossible to beat.

But the experience of playing with the GoCube doesn't stop there, you can also discover other games using what makes the GoCube unique: it is connected to its app and therefore your smartphone knows your every move.

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