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  • Radio mini DAB+ / FM DDR-7
    Radio mini DAB+ / FM DDR-7

    a modern DAB+ and FM radio in a classic look Mini format but great sound!

    149.00 CHF Tax excluded
  • GoCube: The Rubik's redesigned
    GoCube: The Rubik's redesigned

    The Rubik's cube is back: it is modern, bright, connected: the whole...

    89.00 CHF Tax excluded
  • Support adhésif KM6L
    Support adhésif KM6L

    Phone clip for Kardia Mobile 6L To be attached at the back of your...

    19.00 CHF Tax excluded
  • Carry Pod for KM6L
    Carry Pod for KM6L

    Soft Crafted Leather Carry Pod Carrying CaseTravel Case Features...

    35.00 CHF Tax excluded
  • KardiaMobile 6L ECG Alivecor
    KardiaMobile 6L ECG Alivecor

    wireless ECG for smartphone 6 lead detects AF (atrial fibrillation) &...

    199.00 CHF Tax excluded
  • Aveine Wine Aerator
    Aveine Wine Aerator

    Aveine creates the 1st simple and precise wine aerator that makes you a...

    449.00 CHF Tax excluded

Kardia by AliveCor press review

Published : 03/14/2018 16:00:30
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