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Hoverpen Interstellar the magic pen that defies gravity

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First of all, for the regulars of the RED-DOLPHIN website who are wondering:

Hoverpen pens are not connected: why are they part of the Red Dolphin selection?

To explain the reason, we have to start with the origin... We started by distributing another brand FLYTE which invites decorative objects for the home (or office). These are objects that offer an experience around "levitation". We were seduced by the concept of the FLYTE lamps and the STORY clock.

With such designs in our catalogue, it became almost obvious that innovations to complement this offer would allow us to complete the range and offer it to our customers. So when we discovered the Hoverpen concept, the decision to distribute this new brand was quickly approved.

The first element we share here is this animation of the planets.

You can see Mars and Neptune (two of the proposed colour names for the Hoverpen Interstellar: Mars and Neptune) and above all you can see the inspiration for the 23.5° inclination of the pen.

A rotating Hoverpen Interstellar looks like this:

The original Hoverpen was totally vertical, but with the tilt the effect is even more impressive?

Otherwise here is a summary of the "features" of the new Interstellar design:

les fonctionnalités du stylo interstellar disponible sur RED-DOLPHIN.CH

We almost forgot ... you can also write with hoverpen !!!

écrire avec le stylo interstellar hover pen

and play with its magnetic cap ...

Let's come to the special meteorite version.

In 1906 a meteorite over a million years old was discovered in Sweden.

Several fragments have since been discovered in the same region. NOVIUM acquired a piece of the meteorite named MUONIONALUSTA.

When looking at the said meteorite fragment one can observe geometric lines also called Widmanstätten figures.

Wikipedia also tells us that they are also called Thomson structures. These lines appear when recrystallisation occurs in the steel above 1000 °C (it heats up!).

The composition of our meteorite is an alloy of steel and nickel.

The insert of a MUONIONALUSTA meteorite fragment makes each pen in the edition totally unique (but you won't write any better for it!).

But if you want to make someone happy, this limited edition pen is definitely an exclusive item. Moreover, having a Hoverpen on your desk is a mark of distinction.

For all these reasons, Hoverpens are much more than just pens, they are also very visible on your desk and remain balanced.

That's all we've tried to tell you, but if you have any further questions please contact us by email, phone or WhatsApp ...

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