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RED-DOLPHIN Switzerland is the distributor and partner of innovative startups.

Our selection of connected, design and useful objects covers the fields of HealthTech, HomeTech LifeStyle, GreenTech, FoodTech.

We are the exclusive distributor in Switzerland of the brands AliveCor, AromaCare, BACtrack, Caps Me, Cycl, Flyte, Full Windsor, GoSun, GoCube, Hoverpen, KeySmart, Lovebox, Marbotic, Noerden, Sangean, TexEnergy, UB+.

Our B2C and B2B customers share our passion for innovation and the constant desire to have the best objects, gifts and gadgets to improve everyday life. To please yourself or to give as a gift you will find here ideas that will surprise you.

The objects that make the buzz are discovered and distributed by RED-DOLPHIN CH Distribution in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Contact us to become a reseller/partner, for your corporate gifts ...

Online shop and Swiss distributor of innovations

RED-DOLPHIN Discoverer & Distributor of the best gift ideas & innovations

Online shop and Swiss distributor of innovations

We sell online and deliver to your home address and on order to our reseller partners

RED-DOLPHIN is the specialist distributor of innovative startups.

Our passion for useful technologies and unique designs (since 2013 when we were founded) is probably what best characterizes the company. Our online store features brands that belong in the best concept stores, home decoration shops and some geek shops.

The items you will find on sale through the shop are often exclusive, their distribution is controlled, you won't find them everywhere but they are all very desirable, qualitative and are all original gift ideas.

In the HomeTech category, we have selected LifeStyle brands for the home. These are useful and design objects that add a touch of elegance to your home and perform functions you won't be able to live without. This trend responds to our current demands to make our daily life, even if confined, more zen and pleasant. For those who are looking for a gift or for themselves, our selected objects will inspire you.

Our HealthTech offer is intended for individuals, patients, their doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. These are not gadgets but tested, reliable and certified devices. Connected objects, sometimes even "wearables", provide us with comfort and increased precision in monitoring our daily health.

Among the major trends at the moment is GreenTech. This is a category that we started to develop several years ago. The solutions have reached maturity and we offer you operational and bluffing efficiency innovations. Camping and renewable energy enthusiasts who want to take advantage of innovations that will make their outings more enjoyable will be fully satisfied here.

You may not have heard of FoodTech yet, but you certainly know one or more objects that are part of it. The aim here is simple: to offer you new experiences by taking advantage of the latest technology. Startups are innovating and rethinking our daily uses to increase our pleasure of cooking, tasting and sharing. FoodTech and also WineTech are intended for gourmets and food lovers who will enjoy new culinary experiences with their family or friends.

And finally, there is a category for all audiences and all ages: GameTech. Of course here it is necessary to adapt to the tastes and needs of each one but the thread is for us the contribution of new technologies to make certain games even more ludic (and sometimes addictive) but also to allow learning (for the youngest) always more pleasant and progressive.

1 - Product Testing

All the products on our shop have been evaluated and tested by ourselves or by our community. There are many startups that innovate and offer interesting objects, but a limited number of them make it through our selection process. We only offer you the best ones. Our selection criteria are multiple: they include technology, usefulness in everyday life, reliability and support, price, relationship with the brand... If you use our products or would like to do so and would like to share your experience with us, we would be happy to receive your opinions and comments.

2 - Make Discover

Our speciality and our pleasure is to offer you exclusive innovations. Very often, you will discover them on our website for the first time because they are real novelties. RED-DOLPHIN wants to offer you new experiences by discovering new "revolutionary" products. The goal is to be ahead of the game and to use tomorrow's technologies today. #Be the first" is what we propose to our customers. Not to mention the fact that we answer all your questions before or after you buy a product. We try to be quick and responsive and use WhatsApp to chat live with those who choose this means of communication.

3 - Distribution

Like any shop and professional service we asked ourselves the question of the logistic platform. For this, we called upon the Yellowcube service of the Swiss Post (Swisspost). This platform allows RED-DOLPHIN to deliver its shop customers and B2B partners simply and quickly. We test, create the demand for new products and offer them to our retail partners, which include the big names in Swiss retailing.